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Our History

We are very proud of our long history of supplying the Federal Government with products to fight infectious diseases in Brazil.

Since 2004, through technology transfers and collaborations with Bio-Manguinhos, millions of tests have been provided to the Ministry of Health. Bio-Manguinhos is the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation unit responsible for the development and production of vaccines, diagnostics and biopharmaceuticals, mainly to meet the demands of the national public health system. We are committed and enthusiastic about the possibility of extending and expanding the offer of our leading tests to the state, municipal, private and pharmaceutical markets, acting as an alternative of innovation and quality, leveraging rapid testing in Brazil.

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Our Mission

To develop and commercialize rapid, easy to use, and reliable point of care tests that improve diagnosis and monitoring of disease.

We deliver high-quality diagnostic tests that use a small drop of fingertip blood and provide results in approximately 15 minutes.

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Our Vision

To reduce the incidence and burden of disease globally.

Through continuous innovation, it is our goal to provide high quality diagnostics worldwide at the highest quality standards.

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